Robert Majkut is one of the leading European designers. His pioneering ideas and consistency in his approach to design have brought him well-deserved popularity and recognition as a creator of unique spaces and objects. A natural born rebel, with a deep interest in culture, Robert is constantly toying with new, break-through concepts. His style combines formal design with innovation and the latest technologies. Because of his education, experience and interests, Majkut always puts his projects in a proper cultural and social context.
As a designer Robert is inspired by the surrounding reality. He has a strong connection with nature, which reflects in his work through applied forms, shapes and ergonomics. Humanoid, round, nature-inspired lines are recognizable motifs in his works. For a long time he has been faithful to the message: ‘the future is tomorrow invented today’. His desire to improve the environment we live in has resulted in many, already iconic designs.
Robert Majkut Design studio has completed over 200 projects in 15 years since it was launched. These include cinema interiors, fashion boutiques, concept stores and financial institutions – always setting new standards in design. Entering a space created by Robert Majkut is like entering a new reality where nothing seems impossible. Robert Majkut is also dedicated to industrial design – his projects comprise a varied, exclusive collection of furniture and applied art objects. Majkut’s work has been commissioned in Poland, Austria, China, Russia and Slovenia.
Robert Majkut has received many accolades – most notably, in 2002 he was honoured with the ‘Rising Star’ award by the British Council and in 2007 nominated for Elle Poland Style Awards in the category ‘good design’.
Thanks to a creative mind, strong work ethos, mature approach to design, and already legendary quality requirements, Robert Majkut has become one of the most highly valued designers in the industry worldwide.